The Bucket Game –The Game of Choice

This game is easy to introduce to any animal and is designed to empower the learners, enabling them to give consent and active participation in their handling, grooming and vet care. By creating an environment where our animals have a choice and can communicate their desire to participate.

The bucket game was designed and brought to the world by Chirag Patel – a training and behaviour expert from Domesticated Manners.

The bucket game can be used in many instances, not only for husbandry training and caregiving behaviours but also as a confidence builder, phobia reducer and fun.

This game uses shaping, targeting, stationing and many other behavioural principles to make it fun for both the animal and the caregiver. The Bucket Game gives animals the ability to tell us:

  • When they are ready to start

  • When they need to take a break

  • When they want to stop

  • When we need to slow down

What you will need:

  • A bucket (size appropriate for your learner)

  • Rewards (high-value food or toys)

  • A bed/mat or safe place

  • Access to water

Step 1: Teaching manners & impulse control around the bucket (put your reinforcement in the bucket)