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Welcoming Mr Tumnas

Our Incredible New Puppy joins us in January 2024.

Our incredible new puppy will bring our family so much joy and happiness after a year full of loss and sadness! We can't wait to welcome him into our home in January 2024. He will be a bundle of energy and love, and we will have so much fun playing with him and teaching him new skills.

We are looking forward to taking him on long walks around London and to the park. We are hopeful that he will be a great companion for us all. We can't wait to start this new adventure with him!

When Lupin died suddenly from liver failure, I was bereft, and whilst the grief is still raw, the planning and preparation for Mr Tumnas to join our family has been the best tonic.

I shared on Mr Tumnas' new Instagram why we chose to bring Mr Tumnas home over any other or a rescue.

Professor Lupin's fire burnt so brightly, and I hope to do him justice by using all he taught me for Mr Tumnas. It is going to be interesting, that is for sure. Watch this space for updates. In the meantime, here are some of my favourite pictures of my darling Professor.

If you would like to follow Mr Tumnas' Adventures, you can do so here

Or, sign up for the next Puppy Class here

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