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Recommended Products

Lead, Harness, Collar

DOG Copenhagen Urban Explorer 3.0 Collar

DOG Copenhagen Comfort Walk Air 3.0 Harness

Roll over image to zoom in        DOG Copenhagen Comfort Walk Air 3.0 Harness.jpg

DOG Copenhagen Comfort Walk Pro Harness

DOG Copenhagen Comfort Walk Pro Harness.jpg

Biothane Long Line

5m Biothane Long Line.jpg

All-in-One 2m Lead


DOG Copenhagen Urban Freestyle 3.0 Leash 2m

DOG Copenhagen Urban Freestyle 3.0 Leash 2m Length.jpg

Water Bowls, Food Dispensers, Food Toys

Road  Refresher

Road Refresher.jpg

Kong Puppy Tyre

Kong Tyre.jpg

Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat.jpg

Sticky  Lickimat

Sticky Lickimat.jpg

Crate Lickimat

Crate Lickimat.jpg

Lickimat UFO


Lickimat 2 Pack

Lickimat Soother & Buddy.jpg

Puzzle Toy

Puzzle Toy.jpg

Trixie Trainer

Trixie Memory Trainer.jpg

Treat & Train


Buster Activity Mat

Buster Activity Mat.jpg

Kong Replay

Kong Replay.jpg

Chews, Treats, Teething

Ostrich Plait

J R Pet Products 2 x Braided Ostrich Tendon.jpg

Yak Chews

Himalayan Yak Chews.jpg

Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet.jpg

Beef Tripe Sticks

Britten & James Beef Tripe Sticks.jpg

Rabbit Ears

Britten and James 40 Airdried Rabbit Ears with Hair .jpg

Forthglade Dental

Natural Dog Dental Sticks.jpg

Natural Olive Sticks

Olive Wood.jpg

Cow Hooves

Cow Hooves.jpg

Antler Chew


Fish Skin Treats

Fish Skin Dog Treats.jpg

Puppy Chew-Its

Puppy Chew-Its.jpg

Chicken Nibbles


Puppy Essentials

Ring Puppy Cam

Puppy Cam.jpg

Teething Toy

Puppy Teething Chew Toy Freezer Bone.jpg

Heart Beat Sheep

Heart Beat Sheep.jpg

Sleepypod Pet Bed

Sleepypod Medium Mobile Pet Bed.jpg

Puppy Chew-Its

Puppy Chew-Its.jpg

Teething Gel

Teething Gel.jpg

Natural Olive Sticks

Olive Wood.jpg

Puppy Treats


Stain Remover

Stain and Odour Remover.jpg

Fish Skin Treats

Fish Skin Dog Treats.jpg

Washable Pee Pad

Washable Puppy Dog Pee Pad.jpg

Puppy Pen

Puppy Pen.jpg

Travel Safety

Kurgo Car Harness

Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Dog Car Harness.jpg

Sleepypod Clickit

Sleepypod Clickit.jpg

Sleepypod Carrier


Sleepypod Air

sleepypod Air.jpg

CarSafe Crash 

CarSafe Crash Tested.jpg

Recommended Books

Easy Peasy Puppy

Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy.png

Easy Peasy Dog

Easy Peasy Dog.png

Being a Dog

Being a Dog.png

Training for Kids

Puppy Training for Kids.png

Inside of a Dog

Inside of a Dog.png

Life Skills for Puppies

Life Skills for Puppies.png

Babies, Kids and Dogs

Babies, Kids and Dogs.png

No walks? No Worries!

No walks? No Worries!.png

Older Dog? No Worries!

Older Dog? No Worries!.png

The Truth about Wolves and Dogs

The Truth About Wolves.png


Think Dog.png

Brain Games for Puppies

Brain Games for Puppies.png

Brain Games for Dogs

Brain Games for Dogs.png

Canine Confidential

Canine Confidential.png


Mission Control.png

Don't Leave

Don't Leave Me!.png

Be Right

Be Right Back.png

Treating Separation Anxiety 

Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs.png

Home Alone and Happy

Home Alone and Happy.png

Puppy Separation Anxiety

Puppy Separation Anxiety.png

What Our Clients Say

Dulwich College School Dog Training

Gillian Benest

“Thank you Eryn for the superb online training session today! Having worked with you and Merry, I don’t know where Monty and I would be without you both and now even under lockdown we can have your excellent support and guidance. Scott and I thoroughly enjoyed the remote training session and found it hugely helpful seeing you demonstrate the personalised techniques with Lupin and then coaching us as we tried these with Monty. Each time we have a session we take away a deeper understanding of Monty’s behaviour, the reasons behind it and what he is communicating. I feel we have been exceptionally lucky to have found the Believe in Magic team to guide us as we go through the ups and downs of a owning a growing puppy.”

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